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Cycling at Ol Kalou, Nyandarua


We have mapped 6 cycling trails that you will definitely enjoy while at the same time it will also be a time where you will get to exercise and stretch your limbs especially with the rough terrain around which you are just about to experience.
Mapped Tracks
Fun Games at Tree Trail Camp

Fun Indoor & Outdoor Games

Camping is a great experience and it will be more enjoyable with the extra addons that you get here at Tree Trail. We have awesome indoor and outdoor games suitable for all age groups to ensure that you enjoy your whole camping adventure.
Bonfire at Tree Trail Camp


One of the best thrills about outdoor camping is lighting a big bonfire, this is an experience that so many people love and here at Tree Trail Camp, we have made sure that you will not miss this out in any way.

Hiking at Kipipiri Hills in Ol Kalou, Nyandarua

Hiking and Excursions

Hiking is an essential activity at Tree Trail Camp. We are located near Mount Kipipiri (that offers 8 hours of hiking experience), natural caves, ‘God’s bridge’, Aberdare Forest and a River source that starts as a water fall.

Music Lessons at Tree Trail Camp Ol Kalou

Music Lessons

We offer music lessons on demand taught by industry experts. While you’re at Tree Trail Camp, you can learn how to play musical instruments or sing. We have musical instruments such as guitars, violin, piano and drums.

Still Life Drawing Sessions at Ol Kalou

Still Life Painting

As part of our life skills learning activities, we offer Still Life Painting lessons on demand. The lessons illutsrate step by step approach to the subject that guides you fro the first stages of the drawing to the refined outcome of the final image.